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6 Creative Ways to Practice English

Learning a language can often become repetitive and tedious, so it can help to change up the ways you learn. By introducing English into everyday life it will help you to practice language skills without even noticing. Whether you’re learning a language for personal development or as part of education it can be helpful to expand your practice techniques. Practicing language is also essential when studying abroad in English. Especially, if you are required to take an English language test, such as the TOEFL® test. While there are many common ways to practice English this list attempts to renew your practice techniques. Giving you a new love for the language.

1. Try and learn a new skill in English

Origami? Baking? Most people have a skill they have always wanted to learn. But have you tried following instructions in English? Learning a new skill can help to switch on the brain to become more receptive to new things. It can also help to increase your learning speed over time. When learning a new skill in English it can widen your knowledge of the language by introducing you to different styles of writing. Instructions can often include more unique words and phrases that can be difficult to understand. Learning a new skill in English will improve your comprehension skills as you develop an understanding of new words. In a group or alone this activity can be an interesting way to practice English.

2.Read and rewrite a popular story in your own words

Reading and altering a classic story can be a great way to practice your English language skills. Reading more fiction will improve your creative writing skills as you gain an understanding of popular writing techniques. You will also broaden your vocabulary as you discover new verbs and adjectives for your story. When you read more classic stories you will find many of the classic narratives that shape many novels to this day. Your revised story can be as short as a poem or a full-length book. Either way, it can be a good way to practice English.

3.Try playing word games with others

group of girls with tulips

There are many popular word games in English that are a good way to put your language skills to the test. These simple games can train your language skills under pressure, which can be especially good practice for language tests. There are simple games such as ‘I spy’ and ‘20 Questions’ while other games such as Scrabble can be more challenging. This can help you to engage with the language rather than passively reading a textbook.

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4.Change your phone and app settings to English

One simple way to integrate English into your everyday life is to change your phone and/or computer into English. This will expose you to the language multiple times every day. While often you might not notice the change eventually you will start to absorb new words and phrases. The few times you open your setting you will likely find technical language that you may never have seen otherwise. If you want a challenge you can do this on social media and most apps on your phone.

5.Find an English speaking pen pal

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to practice a language is to regularly talk to a native speaker. Although not everyone has the possibility to do this in person there are many pen pal services available online. Traditionally pen pals communicated through letters but this can take some time, contact through email and video calls are most common today. Writing to a pen pal provides you with an opportunity to use English with a purpose to connect with others. Not only can you practice your English but you will open up a cultural exchange that can last a lifetime.

6. Learn the lyrics to your favorite songs in English

Most people around the world listen to music in English already, but how often do they closely listen to the lyrics. Academic English from textbooks is not always applicable in day to day communication. Listening more intently to a song’s lyrics can introduce you to some more casual English words and phrases. Learning and repeating songs to yourself you can develop your English skills as well as listening to your favorite music. It can also improve your memory which can be useful in an academic setting.

This is not an exhaustive list of ways to practice English and there are many more techniques available to you. Hopefully, this list has provided you with some inspiration to take your language practice to another level. Leaning a new language can be challenging and sometimes disheartening. But using more unique and creative methods of practice you can explore the language in a new way.