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Big Data Essentials: HDFS, MapReduce and Spark RDD (Coursera)

Have you ever heard about such technologies as HDFS, MapReduce, Spark? Always wanted to learn these new tools but missed concise starting material? Don’t miss this course either!

In this 6-week course you will:

– learn some basic technologies of the modern Big Data landscape, namely: HDFS, MapReduce and Spark;

– be guided both through systems internals and their applications;

– learn about distributed file systems, why they exist and what function they serve;

– grasp the MapReduce framework, a workhorse for many modern Big Data applications;

– apply the framework to process texts and solve sample business cases;

– learn about Spark, the next-generation computational framework;

– build a strong understanding of Spark basic concepts;

– develop skills to apply these tools to creating solutions in finance, social networks, telecommunications and many other fields.

Your learning experience will be as close to real life as possible with the chance to evaluate your practical assignments on a real cluster. No mocking, a friendly considerate atmosphere to make the process of your learning smooth and enjoyable.

Get ready to work with real datasets alongside with real masters!

Course 1 of 5 in the Big Data for Data Engineers Specialization