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Business English: Marketing and Sales (Coursera)

If you work in marketing, sales, or advertising, you already know that effective communication is a requirement. This can be even more difficult when expressing your ideas in a persuasive manner in English. In this course, you will learn to use English more efficiently while joining successful global professionals around the world.

Develop your skills along with authentic characters that work in marketing and also work hard to improve their communication skills. Learn from your successes and failures, reflect on your own style, strengths, and improvement areas. After taking this course, you will be able to:

· Express your ideas through efficient emails, reports and persuasive presentations

· Learn words and phrases related to market research, branding, direct marketing, advertising costs, etc.

· Get instant feedback about the efficiency of your business communication skills in English from sales and marketing professionals from around the world

· Become part of a global community of business professionals who are developing their English communication skills

Course 3 of 4 in the Business English Specialization.




Where do you start marketing with a project or product? Why with an effective brainstorming session of course! This week you’ll learn the roles we play in groups, how to give opinions or disagree respectfully and brainstorming phrases and techniques to make your product roll out a success. You’ll see examples of prepping before a brainstorming session as Jake approaches Bridget and even some what not to do’s in this episode of The Challenge.

Graded: 1.19 Week 1 Test


Product Perception

Have you ever been part of a survey? You’ll see an example as the BioDent marketing team asks people from the streets opinions about their product. Effective presentations and surveys first start with clear and easy to understand visuals. In this week’s lessons we’ll explore graphs, charts and questions to create strong surveys. We’ll learn the importance of interpreting these charts and graphs accurately before presenting them with confidence.

Graded: 2.19 Week 2 Test



Good design is invisible. But, how do we make it so? This week’s lessons consist of graphic design, perception, concise language and how to make our marketing meaningful and memorable. Take time to notice the beginning stages of good design during a focus group as you enjoy The Challenge sketch.

Graded: 3.20 Week 3 Test


Persuasive Techniques

By the end of this week you will be familiar with Dr. Robert Cialdini and his six principles of persuasion. How do you get your customers to say “yes” in an ethical and honest way? This and more will be answered as Jake meets with Sandy to discuss these principles.

Graded: 4.19 Week 4 Test



Why do we respond better to some sales pitches than others? Jake needs help with his presentation to senior management and goes to Catherine for advice. Week 5 is full of quick tips for formal presentations, pitches, impromptu speeches, sales scripts and consultative sales presentations that will give your confidence a boost and your words more energy and excitement.

Graded: 5.28 Week 5 Test



In this week, we’ll review and practice key concepts and language from the course. Watch the videos, check your knowledge and understanding and analyze techniques you best loved about this Marketing and Sales class.

Graded: 6.3 FINAL TEST