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Capstone: Creating A Sustainability Proposal (Coursera)

Congratulations on reaching the Capstone Class of the Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent specialization. The class will help you apply material from the previous three classes. We have developed a case about a hypothetical ski resort that offers lots of opportunities to develop sustainability recommendations. A second option is do develop a proposal for a change in your company or organization. Or you can do both the case and your own proposal.

The goal of the class is to have you practice the entire process from identifying a problem, finding a possible solution, doing analysis to determine the proposed change’s financial and sustainability impacts, figure out who to present the proposal and what they need to see to say ‘Yes’ and develop a budget and implementation plan.

It is big assignment, but if you have gone through the material in the first three classes you should be well-equipped for the challenge.

We hope that the concepts and tools we have introduced will start you on your way to making positive changes in your company, organization, community and the world. We have provided just the most basic tolls. As you progress you will enhance your skills and become more effective. Best of luck on all you change endeavors.

Who is this class for: This class is for anyone who wants to improve the sustainability aspects of the company or organization. This particular class assumes you know the material introduced in the previous three class in the specialization.

Course 4 of 4 in the Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent Specialization



Introduction to the Capstone Class


Snowflake Ski Basin case

Graded: Peer Review of Snowflake Ski Basin case


Develop a proposal for your company or organization

Graded: Peer Review of a Proposal for your Organization