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Enterprise System Management and Security (Coursera)

The world runs on computers. Your watch, your TV, your car. You might be familiar on how to operate each of these. Your home computer you are even more familiar with operating it. But what does it take to really take computer systems to the next level? – The enterprise level. In this course we discuss what makes home computing systems different from enterprise computing systems. This course will also help you prepare and design your own home lab to explore enterprise operating systems.

This course is for anyone who is exploring what it might take to have a job as a system administrator or for those who are already specialized in one area of system management and would like to move to another. This course may also be for those who are looking to understand how computer security plays an important role in system management.

At the end of the course, you will also be able to illustrate how different enterprise technologies play role in computing at an enterprise level. You will also be able to discuss the three pillars of the CIA triad and how they apply to enterprise systems.

While there is no technical and software component installs necessary for the completion of this course, supplemental how-to guides will be provided if you wish to follow along on the technical portion presented during the course.

Course 1 of 4 in the Computer Security and Systems Management Specialization



It’s not that different from my home computer is it? Why home computing doesn’t map to enterprise computing

Welcome and Introduction to Enterprise System Management and Security

Graded: Personal and Enterprise Computing


Doesn’t everything work on wireless? An introduction to enterprise networking

This module discusses network and why we need to learn network as part of system management overall.

Graded: Networking


What is virtualization

This module covers the fundamentals of virtualization and how we use virtualization in the enterprise to perform work.

Graded: Virtualization


Isn’t my computer already protected? Good system management starts with knowing security

Graded: Information Security


Course Project – BYOD

This is the project for the course.

Graded: An assessment of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)