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Entrepreneurship I: Principles and Concepts (Coursera)

This course will explore the earlier stages of the entrepreneurial venture process across four modules. The modules will examine the nature of growth and error in entrepreneurial settings and how to manage resources in those settings. In addition, the modules will explore the emergence and existence of entrepreneurial opportunities, the formulation of ideas in relation to those opportunities, and how those opportunities and ideas influence entrepreneurial phenomena.

Finally, the course modules will focus on how business concepts underlie compelling entrepreneurial missions that provide guidance to the evolution of a venture’s business model and future strategic planning.

Course 5 of 7 in the Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship Specialization



Course Orientation

You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course.

Module 1: The Logic of Entrepreneurial Phenomena

This module explains conceptually the origins of entrepreneurial opportunities, the development of entrepreneurial ideas in relation to them, and undertakes a holistic examination of entrepreneurial phenomena. This module includes an interview with the founder of Blue1647, a center devoted to supporting high-potential entrepreneurs, who describes entrepreneurial action in ways that reflect themes from this module.

Graded: Module 1 Assignment – Venture Pitch I

Graded: Module 1 Quiz


Module 2: Opportunities and Ideas

This module examines the nature of entrepreneurial opportunities in more detail and focus.

Graded: Module 2 Quiz


Module 3: From Ideas to Concepts to Ventures: Thinking About Feasibility

This module builds on the previous two modules, in step with the seven-stage model introduced in Module 1 and extended in Module 2, to focus on the key aspects and foundations of venture feasibility and venture mission.

Graded: Module 3 Assignment – Venture Pitch II

Graded: Module 3 Quiz


Module 4: Foundations of Entrepreneurial Strategy

This module begins with a brief reflection on where we started with the seven-stage approach in order to begin putting the multiple steps and stages of entrepreneurial activity into a unified and formal model.

Graded: Module 4 Quiz