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Essentials for English Speeches and Presentations 英语演讲与演示 (Coursera)

Students must learn essential knowledge and skills to deliver an impressive English speech or presentation for academic purposes, job hunting, and business occasions. Global perspectives and inter-cultural communication skills are taught here to facilitate most Chinese English learners. 学习在学术交流、求职、海外留学与商务场景下进行英文演讲与演示所必备的知识与技能,强化中国学生的全球化视角与跨文化沟通技巧。


Week 1. 学习策略 Learning Strategy

Week 2. 语音语调 Pronunciation and intonation

Week 3. 中西文化差异与全球化视角Cultural Differences and Global Perspective

Week 4. 演讲中的语言技能与非语言技Verbal and non-verbal skills

Week 5. 积极词汇建设与图表描述Active vocabulary building

Week 6. 面试和自我介绍 Interviews & Self Introduction

Week 7. 看看外教怎么说 Native expert’s view

Week 8. 课程总结及后续学习建议 Conclusion and advices