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EU policy and implementation: making Europe work! (Coursera)

European integration has become contested. People have become more critical of European policy and often seem to prefer local policy solutions in response to globalization problems. This becomes clear from the rise of Eurosceptic parties in many EU member states and it is also reflected in the results of several referendums. Earlier this year voters in the Netherlands said ‘no’ to the Association agreement with the Ukraine. In the UK, voters supported leaving the EU with a small margin. These developments make it important to clarify whether and how European policy is beneficial to you. So, how do you experience EU policy? Does it provide you with benefits? And if not, how can we change this?

We will talk with experts from all over Europe to get insights from behind the scenes. You will learn how policy is transferred to member states, and we will discuss the challenges of this multi-level structure and focus on the main causes of policy failure or success. On this journey we will encounter actual policy: how easy is it to establish yourself in another EU-country? How do governments make sure that the air you breathe is clean? And who is responsible?

In this course we work with leading cases that will help you put your knowledge into practice. You will also do research together in your own local setting. Research on implementation in which you can make comparisons between different countries or areas. If you live outside the EU, this is not a problem. We have developed assignments in such a way that you can do research in your area and compare your findings with others. This unique feature makes it possible to compare implementation in Beijing, São Paulo or Cairo with Rome, Paris or Berlin.

So are you curious to find out what Europe can do for you? Please join our course: ‘EU policy and implementation: making Europe work!

Who is this class for: Whether you live in the EU and are interested in how European policy affects your daily life or you are already an expert in the field looking to update your skills, or want to understand how European Union policy is made and implemented, this course will offer you the theory and practice you need. In keeping with the nature of the material and the purpose of the course, this course is free, and will remain free for participants. If you are interested in receiving a formal certificate, there will be a fee to cover costs.