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FutureLearn Introduces Modern and Visually Stunning Digital Certificates

FutureLearn, the largest MOOC provider outside of the US, recently announced in a blog post that they will be offering a digital Statement of Participation. Interestingly, FutureLearn carefully avoid saying the word “certificate” in the post.

FutureLearn has been offering a printed version of the Statement since April 2014. Now students who pay £34 (GBP) + shipping can get a digital Statement of Participation in addition to the printed copy.

It’s also possible to get the new-look digital and printed Statement for only £29 (GBP) + shipping under some specific circumstances, such as for a FutureLearn course that began before August 31 2015.

The digital version of the Statement can be accessed immediately after the payment is processed, and at a unique URL on the FutureLearn website.

These Statements are similar to Verified Certificates offered by Coursera and edX, but with one major difference: there is no identity verification involved.

“You can easily share your Statements with friends or employers via social media or email; add them to your LinkedIn profile with one click; or include them in your online CV with ease.”
– Simon Pearson, Product Manager at FutureLearn 

Statement of Participation — The Design

In a blog post, FutureLearn’s Visual Designer, Kieran McCann, outlines the redesign process. The first step in the process was a survey of over 1,100 FutureLearners, aimed at understanding their needs. One need stood out above all others: students were asking for a digital representation of Statements. After a brainstorming and exploration process, FutureLearn began the restyling process. The designers focused on achieving three core principles in the new Statements: they should be Collectable, Valuable, and Celebratory.


“We thought about their tactility and how learners might feel when they held them for the first time – it was vital to us that the new Statements felt like a premium product and couldn’t be produced on just any standard printer.”
– Kieran McCann, Visual Designer at FutureLearn 

The result of this process is a visually stunning, bright, and colorful certificate. It looks modern without sacrificing the “certificate” aesthetics that we all are used to. I can’t wait to complete my first FutureLearn course and feel the certificate in my hand.

Images provided by FutureLearn