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Immersive Technologies Expert Certification™

Recently I finished the Immersive Technologies Expert Certification™ by the IIEC, provided at online learning platform. If you are interested, take a look at their programs.

Immersive Technologies Trends in 2020 that will Shape the Future of Education

Written by Veronica Chiaravalli

Immersive Technologies Trends in 2020 – Introduction

There is a lot happening with Immersive Technologies today. New products are coming out into the global market, there are more and more free online events talking about the latest news, and AR applications come and go. It is moving very fast!

For example, I came across an application called Torch (AR) a couple of months ago, and I recently visited the website and learned that it will be discontinued. This is a problem for people that work with education since it is hard to plan beforehand which applications will be taught as part of a university curriculum.

It is important to continuously do research to stay ahead of the competition and learn about the the latest trends, tools, and technologies. Immersive technologies are used in education and are already being used in schools. So, we can say that they are used at all levels: schools, high schools, universities, workplaces, and more.

VR Environments


We are already seeing how Immersive Technology trends are shaping the future of education.

For example, there are VR platforms like AltSpaceVR where people can teach in a VR environment. It’s really fun. There are some groups specializing in different topics and having frequent meetings in these VR environments. We are talking about a virtual classroom where we can be represented by Avatars.

I recently tried AltSpaceVR. Visit the website

Here you can see a video from AltspaceVR:


ENGAGEVR is another application that can be used.


I downloaded a VR application and created my own Avatar that resembled me.

I entered a Mars environment and interacted with some objects. One could see a video, click and read messages, upload things, share links to YouTube, etc.

I tried it out together with a friend from New Zealand. We created an event and it was not so easy to move around since we used the free version which has limited functions. The idea was to give a class in a virtual classroom, write a post-it, and show it to the student (my friend). Then we were supposed to interact, watch a video, etc.

The result was that with the free version it was very hard to move around freely. I think that it would have been better to allow people to try all the functions for free right from the beginning.

You can download the 2D version where you do not need any VR headset and learn the User Interface.

Below are some videos:

ENGAGE - Virtual Training & Education Platform | Official Trailer

How to host a virtual meeting in ENGAGE | VR Education & Training Platform


VirBELA is used for conferences, meetings, education, etc. I have not tried it yet but I will do so soon.


Below are several videos which show the VirBELA VR environment.

VirBELA Team Suites

Best VR Apps

This article published by Digital Trends shows a list of the best VR apps in 2020 with pictures and animations.

VR Technologies in Architecture and Engineering

Check this website:

”Here is a list of 50 VR hardware and software tools that have the ability to change the way work is done in the AEC space. This list was compiled by the virtual reality team at VIATechnik.
As large tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft build their own game changing tools or buy companies in this space, things will only become more ‘real’. With all this progress, it is no wonder that architects, engineers and construction teams are already finding uses for this technology in their own workflows.”

Predictions for the Classroom

Forbes published an interesting article:


The XR industry is growing exponentially and it is already becoming hard to follow up on all the events, new tools, startups, companies, and so on.

Taking this into consideration, plus the change going on with recruitment agencies that are focusing on remote work and how to reach out to more people, I foresee a very big growth of
opportunities. This means that with all the innovation we will have, there is no doubt that we will make it to the moon, Mars, and beyond in a very short time.

We are looking at a faster way of learning and teaching which will have a direct effect on STEAM and STEM skills. Not to mention the amazingly fun way of designing with teams using
AR for example.

Get ready for a very competitive global workforce!

Written by Veronica Chiaravalli