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Initiating and Planning (Coursera)

The goal of the course is to give you the tools to initiate a project plan, manage both stakeholders and relationships, organize their team, develop a project charter, and build a business case for a project.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Perform a project assessment using information from previous projects and lessons learned

– Identify key deliverables based on business requirements while managing customer expectations

– Perform a stakeholder analysis and create a management plan

– Analyze and develop a project organization

– Create a project charter

– Explain the business case for a project and calculate Net Present Value

– Inform stakeholders of the charter and ensure all parties know the deliverables and expectations

As part of the course, you will prepare organization charts, create a Stakeholder Register, and write a Project Charter based on an engineering project in a provided Case Study. The Stakeholder Register will outline the key parties to the project, their concerns and how you will manage their expectations. Your Project Charter will provide the key guidance your team needs to understand the scope, requirements and purpose for the project.

All of this will position you for initiating and planning your first project and/or understanding how you can maximize your contributions on your next project team.

Who is this class for: This course is geared toward practicing engineers who are early in their careers, especially those who are either in or approaching their first leadership role. It will provide the basic information required to understand how a project is authorized and organized. And, give leaners a better understanding of their role in enhancing project performance.

Course 1 of 3 in the Engineering Management Certificate Part 3: Project Management Specialization.