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Introduction to Design Thinking (edX)

Design Thinking is a creative process that combines thoughtful user research with rapid iteration. Learn why it becomes an industry standard all over the world. Want to take your design skills to the next level? Join a team of industry experts on this practical and informative journey from concept to conclusion.

This course will introduce you to the Design Thinking process and illustrate best practices for each step along the way. You’ll find this is an incredibly powerful tool for any field: from Engineering to Entrepreneurship and beyond.

You will utilize everything you learn in this course to create your very own project. In doing so, you will learn many practical and applicable skills such as user research and rapid prototyping, which will set you apart in your field.

This course is part of the Introduction to Professional Software Development Professional Certificate Program.

What you’ll learn

– How to conduct in-depth interviews & other surveys in order to understand the user

– Ways to synthesize ideas into a cohesive and practical product

– Use of simple prototyping tools to quickly iterate designs

– How to design User Interfaces that are tailored to be easy & efficient

Course Syllabus

Module 1 – Discovery

Module 2 – Synthesis

Module 3 – Prototype

Module 4 – Iterate