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Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FutureLearn)

Learn about theories of learning and teaching in the first course of the Foundations of University Learning and Teaching program. Traditional views of education have shifted. Teachers now do far more facilitation of learning as opposed to simply seeing their role as transferring knowledge. We’re now seeing student focused and learner centred approaches being the norm – approaches that change the roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners. This course will introduce you to student-focused approaches and general principles of teaching and learning at a university level.

Learn about the basic principles of teaching and learning in higher education

In this course you will be introduced to well-known educational perspectives on how students approach learning. You’ll be drawing on your experiences and the experiences of your peers. As both learners and teachers, you’ll begin to develop a framework for enhancing learning through design thinking and interaction.

This course looks at questions like:

– How do students approach learning?

– What is ‘quality’ teaching?

– How does teaching change in different learning contexts?