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Introduction to Programming

Though there are plenty of ways to learn programming online, some focused on a particular programming language, some trying to give over-arching principles. But what should you do after the first course? Most online learners have to look for other courses and cobble together their own curriculum, hoping they fit together.

To address this, Udacity launched a new Nanodegree program, Introduction To Programming. Nanodegrees are groups of courses sequenced to cover a specific topic area and result in a certificate upon successful completion. Enrollment for the first cohort begins on February 4th.

Introduction to Programming Nanodegree

This will be Udacity’s fith Nanodegree program. The other four are geared towards a particular specialist area, such as Android Developer or Data Analyst. But this is different–it’s aimed at complete beginners who have no previous programming knowledge. And it is meant to build a foundation of programming skills that can be the basis of diving into many different areas of programming.  Stuart Frye, Udacity’s Director of Curriculum, says:

This program is for complete beginners and will walk you step-by-step through the stages of your first programming project. By the end, you’ll have built your own website, written a simple back-end, and hosted it on App Engine. 

There are five courses within this program, which you take at your own pace. The cost is $200 per month (after a free week trial), which includes assistance and feedback from staff–this is the kind of support many new programmers will need as they build their coding chops. The nice thing about the time-based pricing is that those who are more cost-sensitive can cram and spend more time and energy to go through the courses quickly, while others might do so at a more leisurely pace. If you complete the courses and projects successfully, not only will you have the Nanodegree credential to show employers, you will also have an online portfolio of your work that you can show and talk about.

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