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Introduction to R for Data Science (FutureLearn)

Work with airline data to learn the fundamentals of the R platform. We live in a data-driven world. This course is relevant to learners who are interested in analyzing data that is pervasive across disciplines. Have you ever wondered how data-driven decisions are made across airlines? This course will use airline data to demonstrate key concepts involved in the analysis of big data.

The emphasis of this course is on using the R platform to manage data. No prerequisites are necessary. Beginners in using R are welcome. The course serves are an introduction to the R software and lays the foundation for any learners who would like to begin studying data science and its applications.

The introductory material here prepares students to take more advanced courses related to data science, such as machine learning and computational statistics.

What topics will you cover?

– Downloading, installing, and using the R platform, including R studio

– Importing and visualizing data

– Concepts from R, including vectors, functions, data frames, strings, dates, and lists

– Transforming, cleaning, and verifying data

– The suite of apply functions

– Case study of ASA DataExpo 2009 “Airline on-time performance”

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

– Import data into R and visualize data

– Use vectors and vectorized functions, including some of the apply functions

– Manipulate data into desired formats, including cleaning and verifying data

– Predict business performance

– Make data-driven decisions about your industry