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IoT Expert Certification™

Recently I finished the IoT (Internet of Things) Expert Certification™ by the IIEC, provided at online learning platform. If you are interested, take a look at their programs.

What is Internet of Things?

Klaus Schwab defines Industry 4.0 as follows: ”He calls the Internet of Things (IoT) the largest digital megatrend that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. The increasing networking of
people, objects and machines with the Internet is leading to the emergence of new business models. “


Thanks to 5G there will be a boost regarding IoT and other technologies. We will have move speed which will be necessary.

The article ”From the edge to sustainability: five IoT trends driving change in 2020 states: ”In 2020, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) will gain momentum through the continued proliferation of 5G and IoT. This will support innovations in robotics, AI and more, all within reach of more enterprises. This will have a major impact in manufacturing across numerous verticals such as automotive, electronics, textiles and more as the manufacturing floor (and with it the traditional assembly line) becomes modular.“

Nevertheless it is important to mention that some companies are worried about 5G and want to carry out studies to see if it is safe and even good for our health. There are security issues to take into account but I think that this will be solved as soon as the big companies work thoroughly on this.

The article explains the following:

”As 5G, cloud computing, IoT and other technological advancements drive digital transformation across all enterprises, the amount of connected devices will exponentially increase the amount of data transmitted – opening valuable new access points for attack.”

Edge computing will be very important for IoT.

The article explains what the needs will be: “In order to monitor, analyze and optimize connected IoT applications, enterprises will need computing power done near the edge.

The need for edge computing creates an opportunity for communications service providers who are building 5G networks. The high capacity, speeds and density of 5G networks and connections, combined with cutting edge software such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), will enable enterprises and its connected solutions to learn, adapt and change processes instantly to yield a greater ROI.”


IoT Trends in 2020 and Industry 4.0

The article published at explains that ”In the age of digitalization, business processes and the IT landscape must be prepared for new requirements. An integrated and holistic approach is necessary for a manufacturer to unlock what Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things offer. “


Building a Career on Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is very exciting because it will create more return on investment (ROI) and an impact of other industries. It will bring opportunities as well as challenges and also the
need for new business models. It is understandable that we will need new business models since we will have to move faster, be connected all the time, and everything will have to work. One question that pops up though is if the cost of being connected will be higher or lower. Being connected will be a must.

Further Internet of Things Resources

Here are two very good videos that explain the future trends of IoT:

IoT Trends 2020 that will Shape the Future of Industry 4.0

IoT Trends 2020 that will Shape the Future of Industry 4.0

This video shows:

– The convergence of Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
– Cobots
– 5G Networking
– Augmented Reality

Defining our Future: The Internet of Things

Defining our Future: The Internet of Things

Written by Veronica Chiaravalli