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Kadenze launches A New Course On Deep Learning Using Google’s TensorFlow

Kadenze, a MOOC platform optimized for arts education, has launched a new course called Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow. The course is taught by Parag Mital, who is also the Director of Machine Intelligence at Kadenze. Parag Mital is the creator and maintainer of a popular Github repo called tensorflow_tutorials, which has over 2,200 stars.

Deep Learning and TensorFlow

In November 2015 Google released TensorFlow™, which is an open source software library for machine intelligence. Tensorflow is the engine that Google uses to recognize spoken words, translate from one language to another, improve Internet search results, and more.

Kadenze’s course “covers the basic components of deep learning, what it means, [and] how it works, and develops code necessary to build various algorithms such as deep convolutional networks, variational autoencoders, generative adversarial networks, and recurrent neural networks.” It’s split into five sessions, and learners can expect to take 50 to 60 hours to complete them all. To access the programming assignments, you will have to sign up for Kadenze Premium, which costs $10/month.

This is not the first online course on Deep Learning with Tensorflow. In January, Google and Udacity teamed up to launch a Deep Learning course taught by Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist at Google and a technical lead in the Google Brain team.

Kadenze Academy

Kadenze’s model is pretty to similar to that of Coursera, edX, or Futurlearn: they partner with top institutions in the world to create courses, and in Kadenze’s case the courses are specifically in the fields of art and creative technology. But this new course is a departure from that model; the course is launched under Kadenze Academy, which represents Kadenze’s intent to create online courses in-house.

The course starts on July 20 2016, and you can sign up for the course here.