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Learn how to Innovate Collaboratively from a Free Mentored Open Online Course

Note: This is a guest post by instructors at Leuphana Digital School

The free Mentored Open Online Course “Innovation and Solution Skills from Leuphana Digital School, Zeppelin University and the EU-funded research project “LLLightInEurope” starts on October 8, 2014. A ‘Mentored Open Online Course’ is a MOOC that is built around the idea of collaborative learning, peer feedback and constant guidance from qualified tutors and mentors. This course covers the skills of successful innovators and complex problem solving. Learn how to create solutions based on the latest research by distinguished academics and experts such as Prof. Dr. Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Philipp Schmidt (MIT Media Lab), Prof. Dr. Marco Iansiti (Harvard Business School) and the course head Prof Dr. Peer Ederer.

After successful completion, the course offers 5 Credit Points with Leuphana Digital School, which also offered courses on Cities and Negotiations. Participants will follow a collaborative learning approach on a sophisticated online platform provided by Candena. open now.

The course illustrates and applies its learnings on two real life companies that are currently introducing radical new innovations that are changing the world. In this way, the course learnings are current, practical and real. The participants receive guidance from the professors and experts on research-based and ready-to-use methods of how to approach innovation.

For instance, the course covers how to practice leadership during an innovation process, how to master the diverge/converge cycle, and how creative learning works. The course is based on the principle of learning by doing, and teams compete against each other for creating the best thought-through innovations, and can win coaching lessons from some of the professors. It could be that this course is the launching pad for your innovation to take off. According to the course head Ederer:

I have been teaching innovation for 20 years. I lost sight of all the ideas and businesses that my students have started successfully. Innovation is my passion and I feel privileged to be now given the opportunity to work and teach with a large community of people who are passionate about innovation in this MOOC on Solution and Innovation Skills. I could not be more excited.

As with previous offerings from Leuphana Digital School, participants will be part of a team and a global community, and will hand in consecutive assignments throughout the course. on their journey towards innovation, creativity and the ability to solve complex problems. If you are interested in going on this journey towards innovation, creativity and the ability to solve complex problems, sign up for Innovation and Solution Skills, which starts October 8.

Leuphana Digital School - Solution and Innovation Skills - Mentored Open Online Course