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M001: MongoDB Basics (MongoDB)

What You’ll Learn

– How to install MongoDB

– How to use Compass, the MongoDB GUI

– The MongoDB document model and basic schema design

– The MongoDB query language

– How to use Atlas, MongoDB’s hosted database as a service offering

What You’ll Build

– Data models and data access patterns that address common application use cases

Course Details

Duration: 3 Weeks

Each week we release a new chapter containing pre-recorded video lectures and hands-on labs.

Each chapter requires approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Your grade for the course will depend on your performance on labs and a final exam.

You will receive a course completion confirmation if you achieve a grade of 65% or better.


Chapter 1: Introduction: Introduction to MongoDB, Compass, and Basic Queries

Chapter 2: The MongoDB Query Language + Atlas: Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations; cursors, projections, Atlas free-tier basics.

Chapter 3: Deeper Dive on the MongoDB Query Language: Query operators: element operators, logical operators, array operators, and the regex operator

Final Exam: Any topic in this course might be addressed in the final exam.