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MOOC Professor’s Kickstarter Campaign to Sponsor Research

Professor Richard Boyatzis of Case Western Reserve University is a mega-MOOC professor: he teaches the MOOC, Inspiring Leaders Through Emotional Intelligence, which accrues >100,000 students each time it is run. He is a collaborator of Daniel Goleman, of “emotional intelligence” fame, and is co-author with him of Primal Leadership. Professor Boyatzis could not have a higher profile in his chosen sub-field.

But his sub-field is the role of emotional factors in leadership and leadership development, not necessarily a magnet for federal research funding. And yet the tools available with modern neuro-imaging technology open up so many new research possibilities. Prof. Boyatzis, along with colleague Dr. Tony Jack, want to study ways that good leaders utilize both a task and empathy focus that less successful leaders do not by scanning leaders brains.

They are trying to raise $112,500 in this Kickstarter campaign for this research (donations are tax-deductible and will go to Case Western Reserve University). Although most of the publicity for this campaign has been through the MOOC, others might be interested in checking out this campaign and spreading the word.

Kickstarter campaign: