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On Being a Scientist (Coursera)

On Being a Scientist will provide you with an overview of scientific practice, what it means to be a scientist and allows you to become acquainted with academic conduct, thus meeting a demand for increased awareness in scientific integrity. This course is designed to inform you on topics as scientific integrity and social responsibilities of scientists.

Broad questions, which are inseparable linked to these topics are discussed: namely regarding the nature of science and the societal role it fulfills.

Course objectives:

After this course you:

1) Understand the basic principles of science, and known what is “not done”.

2) Have a realistic image of science and scientists.

3) Recognize integrity dilemma’s, know how to respond in clear cases, and have the skills to respond prudently in unclear cases.

4) Know and understand the differences and similarities of various disciplines.

5) Have a basic understanding of the role of science in society,realize their own societal responsibilities, and are able to take a position in societal issues where science plays a role.

The course consists of a feature film, supported by short lectures, set to serve as a starting point for the discussions and assignments.