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Recommender Systems Capstone (Coursera)

This capstone project course for the Recommender Systems Specialization brings together everything you’ve learned about recommender systems algorithms and evaluation into a comprehensive recommender analysis and design project. You will be given a case study to complete where you have to select and justify the design of a recommender system through analysis of recommender goals and algorithm performance.

Learners in the honors track will focus on experimental evaluation of the algorithms against medium sized datasets. The standard track will include a mix of provided results and spreadsheet exploration.

Both groups will produce a capstone report documenting the analysis, the selected solution, and the justification for that solution.

Course 5 of 5 in the Recommender Systems Specialization



Capstone Project

Graded: Capstone Project Parts I and II: Design, Measure

Graded: Capstone Project Parts III and IV: Mix, Propose and Justify

Graded: Certification for honors track

You can only access this Capstone after completing the courses in the Recommender Systems Specialization

Recommender Systems Specialization

This Specialization covers all the fundamental techniques in recommender systems, from non-personalized and project-association recommenders through content-based and collaborative techniques. Designed to serve both the data mining expert and the data literate marketing professional, the courses offer interactive, spreadsheet-based exercises to master different algorithms along with an honors track where learners can go into greater depth using the LensKit open source toolkit. A Capstone Project brings together the course material with a realistic recommender design and analysis project.