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Semantic Web and Linked Data (Miríada X)

This course provides the foundation for the study and development of applications and datasets, based on Semantic Web and Linked Data. Both theoretically and practically, the student will learn how to select, develop and exploit semantic technologies for generating linked data, following standard methodologies.

The goal of this MOOC is to introduce the theoretical and practical basis of the methodological and technological concepts involved in the generation and publication of vocabularies and data on the Web of Linked Data. Specifically, we will present: Semantic Web and Linked Data concepts, data representation languages, such as RDF and JSON-LD, methodologies and technologies to support the generation and publication of Linked Data, ontologies and vocabularies used, relevant data sources data such as DBpedia, and applications that make use of linked data.

Módulos del curso

Module 0. Welcome

Module 1. Introduction to the Semantic Web and Linked Data

Module 2. RDF & RDFS

Module 3. SPARQL

Module 4. Linked Data generation

Module 5. RDB2RDF

Module 6. Vocabularies

Module 7. Linking

Module 8. Publication and Exploitation