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Six Universities in Talks to Pilot Credits For MOOCs

According to Times Higher Education, six universities from three different continents are looking to “pilot a global credit transfer system that will allow students to use courses taken online to count towards their degrees.” An alliance will be formed that will recognize accredited MOOCs from partner institutions.

The idea of credits from MOOCs has picked up steam in the recent months, with the initiative being mostly led by edX. EdX has announced a few partnerships and initiatives intended to allow students to earn credits. The partnerships include the ASU’s Global Freshman Academy (GFA), ACE Alternative Credit Project, Charter Oak State College, and MIT Micro-Master’s Credential in Supply Chain Management.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that all of the six universities involved in the alliance are edX Charter Members.

The universities in the alliance include:

  1. Delft University of Technology,
  2. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL),
  3. the Australian National University (ANU),
  4. the University of Queensland,
  5. the University of British Columbia, and
  6. Boston University.

Two of these universities — ANU and the University of Queensland — were in 2015’s top 10 universities, according to BestCerts’s ranking. Combined, these universities offer 125+ MOOCs, but a total of around 200 MOOCs are likely to be involved if an agreement is reached.

Source: Times Higher Education