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Spanish Vocabulary: Careers and Social Events (Coursera)

¡Hola! This fourth course will introduce new vocabularies in the areas of dining, fashion, professions and careers and will bring you ever closer to the 500 word threshold for beginning Spanish. The course will also introduce the subjunctive and the future tense so that you can begin to speak about future events, things they desire and pursuing professional goals.

This is the final course before you will undertake a project that showcases your mastery of basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Course 4 of 5 in the Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization.



Module 1: Talking About Cafés and Restaurants

This module is all about going out and having fun at cafés and restaurants. You’ll build your Spanish vocabulary in these areas as well as learn useful phrases for ordering and inquiring about food at restaurants. We’ll discuss how to use both formal and informal commands, how to make requests, suggestions, and polite refusals using the subjunctive tense, as well as some useful expressions when going out in public. We’ll also interact with a local Mexican restaurant owner from Davis, CA in the Perspectivas section.

Graded: Module 1 Quiz

Graded: Module 1 Peer Review


Module 2: Talking About Clothing and Fashion

In this module, you’ll learn to talk about clothing and fashion in basic conversations. In the Gramática section, we’ll spend a lot of time going over various uses of the subjunctive – wishes, fears, hopes, doubts, comments, and opinions; the subjunctive is very useful. Finally, you’ll be introduced to Melissa, a Chicana UC Davis student, who is selecting clothing for an upcoming interview in the Perspectivas section.

Graded: Module 2 Quiz

Graded: Module 2 Peer Review


Module 3: Talking About Careers and Professions

In this module, you’ll learn to talk about careers and professions. You’ll learn a lot of vocabulary related to this topic in the module, including a myriad of common professions. In the Gramática section you’ll learn several ways to discuss probable events and making requests using conditional and future tenses. In the Perspectivas section, you’ll hear from Cindy, a young educational assistant about her plans to pursue a teaching credential and become a full-time teacher at the elementary school level.

Graded: Module 3 Review

Graded: Module 3 Peer Review