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Strategic Sales Management Final Project (Coursera)

In this course, you’ll develop the final project of the specialization, which is an application of the whole set of concepts, models, frameworks, tools, and techniques discussed and practiced through the four previous courses.

A business case provides the business context to serve as the reference to support your analyses regarding strategy, marketing, and sales integration. The case is adapted from a real-life experience. Having developed these analyses, you will follow the project instructions that lead you to the application of the concepts you have learned so far, and proceed to the sales planning processes to support the development of a sales plan structure, on which the sales plan can be further developed in a later moment.

The primary learning outcome of this course is to prepare the sales plan structure from analyzing the business case. The sales plan structure is aimed to provide all strategic sales guidelines that support the development of the sales plan. Whereas the sales plan structure may not be a detailed sales plan, it will provide all the aspects necessary to develop the sales plan.

The project will be peer-reviewed, and the instructions to develop it also bring the rubrics to develop the review.

Who is this class for: This course is designed for professionals who seek improvement in the sales planning process, with an emphasis on intelligence analysis application to support a strategic view of sales planning. Typical professionals who benefit from taking this course are among: They are new managers who have just been promoted to a sales manager position. They have been assigned to broader and new set of responsibilities in the company, in the sales area. They might be interested or already have been experiencing challenges in other areas of the company such as marketing and finance. They are product managers who must integrate product management and sales management. They are interested in going further in sales management, with emphasis on a strategic approach. They are looking for sales and marketing positions in other companies. They adopt a lifelong-learning approach to their careers and build a portfolio of expertise proactively.

Course 5 of 5 in the Strategic Sales Management Specialization