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Sustainable Energy: Design a Renewable Future (edX)

Learn how to make the transition to 100% renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass for electricity, heat and fuels for a sustainable future.

A transition to sustainable energy is needed for our climate and welfare. In this engineering course, you will learn how to assess the potential for energy reduction and the potential of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass. You’ll learn how to integrate these sources in an energy system, like an electricity network and take an engineering approach to look for solutions and design a 100% sustainable energy system.

This course is an introduction to the Master Programme Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft and is aimed at Bachelor students from science and engineering disciplines.

What you’ll learn:

– Assess energy use and the potential for energy reduction for transport, industry and buildings

– Calculate the potential attribution of different sources of renewable energy like wind, solar and biomass and how to integrate them in an energy system

– Design a plan for a 100% sustainable energy system

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Definition of Energy Use

The use of energy in transport, building and manufacturing.

Week 2: Generation of Renewable Energy

How much can you generate from all the different sources?

Week 3: Energy Balances

How can you analyse energy and what are the climate effects?

Week 4: Policies for Sustainable Energy

How to stimulate the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency?

Week 5: Wind Energy

Technologies to generate energy from wind

Week 6: Solar Energy

Technologies to generate Energy with photovoltaic systems

Week 7: Biomass

Technologies to generate energy from biomass

Week 8: Electrical Power System

How to integrate renewable energy in de Electrical Power System

Week 9: Storage

How to store energy?