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The Challenges of Global Health (Coursera)

An introduction to key challenges and concepts important to understanding the current status and determinants of global health.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the key challenges, issues, and concepts of Global Health. As global citizens, we all play a role in creating better health outcomes in the world. Step 1 in this process is gaining and sharing knowledge.

In this course we will:

– analyze the current global burden of disease and its complex causes.

– survey the major health challenges around the world

-examine strategies and solutions to address these challenges

– investigate the future of global health and the role you can play

Throughout the course, you will be watching videos, taking in-video tests, reading fascinating case studies, engaging in discussions with students from all over the world and from Duke University. I will also be sharing with you some videos and photographs from my travels that illustrate some of the challenges we face as a global village.