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Three new courses including “The Design of Everyday Things” from Don Norman added to Udacity.

Udacity has announced three new courses expected to start sometime around fall 2013. The lineup includes a course by Don Norman called The Design of Everyday things. The course based on the popular book  by Don Norman with the same name as the course. Here is a brief bio of Don taken from Udacity:

Don is both a businessperson (he has worked as a VP at Apple, an Executive at HP and UNext) and an academic who has been a faculty member at Harvard, UC San Diego, Northwestern, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, an IDEO fellow, and a trustee of IIT’s Institute of Design. He can be found at

The Design of Everyday Things

Everyone designs. Design occurs anytime you deliberately change an environment to make things better. When you decide what seat to take in an auditorium you’re designing your experience. When you rearrange the furniture in a room or draft an email, you’re designing. Direct link.

Mobile Web Development

So you’ve heard mobile is kind of a big deal, and you’re not sure how to transform your traditional desktop-focused web apps into fast, effective mobile experiences. This course is about teaching web developers what they need to know to create great mobile web experiences. Direct link.

Tales from the Genome

This course is a journey into the biology of the human genome and will highlight the scientific, social, and personal perspectives of people living with a variety of traits. Direct link.