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Transmedia Writing (Coursera)

Do you have a desire to write a novel, write a screenplay, design a video game? In this project-centered course you will develop your own, original, intellectual property (IP) into a transmedia project containing written versions of your IP on various platforms. You will begin your novel, adapt the first chapters of your novel into the opening scenes of a film or TV show and create a game design concept of your IP.

This is a course is based in “Active Learning” so that most of the actual learning takes place within your own activities – that is, writing! You will learn by doing.

I am a proponent of experiential learning (also known as active learning). My lectures are short and succinct, designed in a step-by-step process essential to your success as a writer. I will guide you, I will show you how to get there, hopefully I will inspire you, but I won’t show you how to write or what to write. That is up to you, you are the only one who can illustrate your creative thoughts, by writing them! I firmly believe that the only way to become a writer is to write, write, write. You need to unleash your creativity and my plan is to help you to do exactly that!

All of the assignments on this course are peer review. At each stage of the process, whether creating your novel, your screenplay or your video game, you will post your written work and review the works of your peers. Peer review is an extremely important element of this course. Giving feedback and getting feedback is essential to the development of your critical thinking and your growth as a writer. It is as important as the writing itself.

This course is designed to tap into your creativity and help you to develop your skills in expressing that creativity through written words.

Writing is a truly beautiful, amazing, satisfying thing. Imagine, putting your own words on a page to tell a story which enters your readers minds and allows them to share the thoughts, emotions and lives of your characters. It is a very rewarding experience.



Develop Your Transmedia Concept

In Module 1 you will create your Transmedia Intellectual Property (your IP), you will write a logline (a single sentence that describes the essence of your IP) and define the Dramatic Question of your IP.

Graded: Pitch your Idea(s) for a Transmedia IP

Graded: Write A Logline

Graded: Write The Dramatic Question


Write The First Chapter Of Your Novel

In Module 2 you will begin your novel. You will design a Profile of your Main Characters, create an outline for your First Chapter, you will learn about point of view and syntax for writing a novel and you will write the First Chapter of your Novel.

Graded: Write up a detailed character profile of your protagonist

Graded: Write your Pitch for Chapter One

Graded: Write Chapter One


Write Chapter Two Of Your Novel

In Module 3 you will outline the second chapter of your novel and you will write Chapter Two

Graded: Write your Chapter Two outline

Graded: Write Chapter Two


Adapt Chapter One To The Opening Scenes Of Your Screenplay

In Module 4 you will begin your screenplay. You will write an outline of your adaptation of Chapter One of your novel into the opening scenes of your screenplay, you will learn about screenplay format and film grammar, you will become familiar with free screenplay software and you will write the opening scenes of your screenplay.

Graded: Write an outline of the screenplay adaptation of the first chapter of your novel

Graded: Using screenplay formatting, adapt chapter one into the opening scenes of your screenplay


Adapt Chapter Two Into Screenplay Format

In Module 5 you will write a detailed outline of your screenplay adaptation of Chapter Two of your novel, then you will write the scenes for the screenplay version of Chapter Two.

Graded: Write an outline of the screenplay adaptation of Chapter Two

Graded: Write the screenplay version of Chapter Two


Transform Your IP Into a Concept for a Game Design

In Module 6 you will create a Design Document to pitch your video game concept. You will learn about various types of video games with a focus on narrative games, write a description of the game version of your IP and you will create a full pitch document for your video game.

Graded: Write a brief pitch of your Game

Graded: Write your Game Design Concept