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U. of Pennsylvania Launches Online Learning Toolbox For MOOC Instructors

Are you an instructor or professor thinking about making a MOOC, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re already a MOOC instructor but want to brush up on your knowledge?

The University of Pennsylvania is ready to help you: they have just launched a free and extensive online “toolbox” of everything you need to know to get your ideas off the ground and onto the internet as an online course, or to otherwise better the online learning experience that you’re already providing.

Find the Online Learning Toolbox here.

The Online Learning Toolbox is arranged into topics so that you can easily find the ones you need. If you’re very new to the idea of making a MOOC, you might choose to read everything. Alternatively, if you’re stuck on specific topics (perhaps you’re wondering about MOOC copyright and attribution, for example), you can just read the toolbox sections you need to fill in the gaps of your MOOC-making knowledge.

You might be wondering how accessible the material in the toolbox is. After all, there can be a lot to learn about making an online course. Here’s what Lauren Owens, Associate Director of the Penn Online Learning Initiative, had to say about the toolbox: “We wanted the content to be rich and informative without being overwhelming. Having a toolbox format helps sort things in a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of way.”

Penn Toolbox Best Practices

This is an important contribution from Pennsylvania University. Materials on MOOC building for would-be or existing MOOC instructors are still quite sparse and can be difficult to locate; to have a dedicated set of guides concentrated into one place like this is a useful addition for MOOC makers, and an excellent step forward for the world of online learning as a whole.

Read more about the toolbox from Penn Online Learning Initiative’s announcement.