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University of Michigan’s Dr. Chuck Holds a Graduation Ceremony for MOOC Students

The University of Michigan is rapidly becoming a MOOC powerhouse. It plans to launch at least 200 MOOCs by 2017, and its business school has reached more than one million enrollments. The university just had its first graduation ceremony for students of its Python Specialization on Coursera. Over 1000 students made it through five classes, 25 weeks of work, and the capstone project. The current price of the Python Specialization on Coursera is $373.

Every student will receive signed paper certificates, a temporary tattoo, and a waiver of the application fee to the University of Michigan School of Information’s Master’s program.

The graduation ceremony was hosted by one of the Specialization’s faculty, Prof. Charles Severance (aka Dr. Chuck). It also featured a commencement speech from Colleen van Lent (who teaches the University of Michigan’s web design Specialization). During the graduation ceremony, each of the 1165 students’ names were read out, and each student’s picture was shown.

Here’s the video of the graduation ceremony.

Programming For Everybody - Spring Graduation - 2016

Programming For Everybody – Spring Graduation – 2016