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Why Study Marketing Abroad?

In marketing, communication is always key.

In order to promote a brand and sell products, you have to connect with potential customers around the world on a daily basis.

When you choose a marketing degree abroad, you are not only expanding your opportunities but also setting yourself up to start a rewarding career after graduation by learning the skills necessary to thrive in the marketing industry.

1. Build Your International Network

Study Marketing Abroad

Studying abroad grants you unlimited opportunities to meet new people. Whether they are other international students or natives to the country, it’s guaranteed that you will make meaningful friendships that will last forever. In fact, many students report that this is one of the most meaningful aspects of their study abroad experience.

Therefore, if an active student life is important to you, try to consider a school in a city that hosts a large number of students. Take, for example, the University of Groningen, located in the fun, youthful city of Groningen, Netherlands, where one in every four residents is a student! 

Not only will you create friendships, you will also be put in touch with an international staff, who in turn can connect you with their own international network.

2. Bridge the Communication Gap

Study Marketing Abroad

It’s not enough, however, to just have the contacts. You also need to have the skills to communicate across physical and cultural boundaries.

Universities with a large number of foreign students, such as the European University Madrid, are the perfect place to meet and get to know people.

Because multicultural communication cannot be taught in the classroom, it requires practice in real-life situations. The best way to accomplish this will be to rely on your newly established international network to learn how people from around the world communicate differently in terms of business and everyday life.

3. See the World

Study Marketing Abroad

In order to succeed in every aspect of the marketing business, you need to understand your client base. What better way to do this than to experience the world through their eyes.

Whether sharing favorite restaurants with customers in Hong Kong, exchanging stories about the beer halls with customers in Munich, or reminiscing about strolls through Hyde Park with customers in London, when you personally connect with a customer, you create a lasting impression that generates results.

4. Impress Recruiters

Study Marketing Abroad

Because competition is high, recruiters rely on a solid track record when looking for new prospects. They need talent that has proven to be bold, smart, and curious.

As a new graduate, it will be even harder to set yourself apart. However, by putting a study abroad experience on your resume, employers will already have a sense of your ability to take on challenges and handle change.

5. Keep Evolving

Study Marketing Abroad

As the marketing industry is consistently evolving, so too must the industry leaders. If you are considering a graduate program in marketing, many schools abroad offer English-language programs.

As customers change and technologies advance, marketers must stay ahead of the trends. You can prove to your organization that you’re adaptable by challenging yourself with a program in Europe or even Australia.

The options to study marketing abroad are limitless. But, we can help you find the perfect fit.

If you are ready to find a marketing program that’s right for you, use our search to find and compare programs around the world.

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